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What are you snacking on?

If you're anything like Frank and the team, you're always nibbling on something, whether it's a bag of chips, leftover pizza, or faded dungarees with wires. From street food to junk food, gourmet paninis to homemade pasta, Taipei dim sum, New York City bagels, Moscow pirozhki, Parisian pommes frites, or London fish & chips, we invite you to share your love of sweets and savories with the extended LiveJournal family. Simply take a photo and write a few words about what you're snacking on today. Be sure to tag your location, since we want to garnish the globe in yummy treats!

Homemade pound cupcake

Homemade pound cupcake with fresh made frosting, and a Starburst jellybean on top, made by a good friend of mine. Was very yum!


sliced strawberries


sprinkled with sugar :3

I made it myself!

Mar. 27th, 2010

Thornton's 'Winter Dessert Gallery' chocolates.  I thought it best that they did not remain much longer, now that spring is almost upon us. ;)

Here is a larger copy of the picture, should you care to see it (oh, go on, how could you help it?).

(The location box doesn't seem to be working, and I can't edit the tags, but I'm in London. :))

this is one of my fav snacks.

I pack it in the summer and eat it in the winter.  A bowl of raspberries and my fav, an orange.
Some times I do eat junk food. yikes!!!

When I was getting off work, the Italian bread was fresh, so it was nice and warm. I couldn't resist picking up a loaf.

chocolate cream cupcakes

Made these to eat while watching the Canada/US hockey game.
If Canada loses, they'll make me feel better.

Hot chocolate and chewy ginger cookie

Hot chocolate and ginger cookie from Second Cup

Afternoon snack...yum.

Yan Yan

It's a Japanese sweet, but I'm snacking on it here in South Carolina.  Thank goodness for Japanese markets!
It consists of cookie sticks that's dipped into chocolate.  It also comes in vanilla!

Pub Sundae

Brownie a la Mode at Zack's Place, a bar and grill in Little Rock, AR.